Posted on July 4, 2011


For the next few months, I will be receiving farm fresh, mouth-wateringly and indescribably delicate veggies and fruits. These are dropped off a few blocks from my Brooklyn apt and I swing by with the little pal to get them. I signed up for fruit every week, and veggies every two weeks. So far, that has been good because while we can gobble the strawberries in an evening, or throw them into ice-cream (more on that next post), the amount of leafy greens we’ve had in our fridge has required diligence and time to get through.

Both weeks we’ve also received herbs so I’m thrilled to say that I have enough to almost make a complete meal from the pick-up. Scheming about an all CSA meal very soon here.

Meanwhile, enjoy the recipes, and share your ideas about what to do with in-season produce!!

An initial, huge shout-out to TASTESPOTTING for their great work over there. You’ll see them popping up frequently as a source of inspiration for themed meals.

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