Putting the Whoops into Yummy

Posted on July 5, 2011


Anyone who knows me and knows how I cook can attest to this fact:

For every “Yummy” there’s likely one or maybe three “Whoops” involved.

There are any number of reasons for this that come together to form the distracted, enthusiastic cook you see before you.

1) Enthusiasm.

2) Multi-tasking kicked up the the highest notch–why do one recipe if you can do three simultaneously and produce delicious dishes for the next 3 days! Also known as–“once my kitchen is messy, I might always make it worse before it gets better.”

3) Downright absent-mindedness (reading articles online or engaging in conversations with my two loves, or even browsing around on food blogs rather than watching what is in the oven/pan,etc.)

4) Looking for shortcuts and efficiencies where none can be found (read: the result is WHOOPS–like when I tried to melt butter in a dish that was already on the counter–too bad it was a pathetically flimsy takeout dish which melted all over my toaster oven…luckily the replacement was already on it’s way to me).

5) Whenever possible, getting my hands involved. If I could make ice-cream with my hands, I’d even consider leaving them in the freezer overnight…

6) I often drink while I’m cooking. It’s important. It helps me not sweat the small stuff, and really enjoy (read: laugh) at the things that happen along the way.

Am I safe to emulate as a food blogger? You’ll have to make that decision for yourself.

But I’ll throw out that cooking is about having fun, and sometimes rigid recipes, keeping things “Martha Stewart” clean, and methodical, or NOT putting your hands in the couscous & vegetable bowl because there is no need to (breathe)…can make things downright boring and I don’t want to be bored in my kitchen. I want to learn alot, take on new challenges daily (or whenever I set foot in it armed with good ingredients), and probably make some mistakes that I can learn from.

I also have a food bloopers blog that celebrates this side of me further…you may enjoy the tongue-in-cheek. But not as much as you should be enjoying having a cocktail straw in your cheek right now.

Cheers. Bottoms up. To summer! And cooking as the art of the possible, not the already-done or the predictable or safe route.