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Roasted Veggie Pizza

November 28, 2011


I came up with this pizza one Sunday afternoon while running–do other people think about food while they run too? I was puzzling over how to use what was in the fridge (cauliflower and broccoli–two winners!). After I “pitched” the idea, my husband made these dreams into a melt-in-our-mouths reality. We liked both the white […]

Pecan Pie +

November 24, 2011


Before thanksgiving I was arguing with a friend about the merits of pecan pies that have added “extras”. I held to the argument that pecan pies should be all about the pecans, and nothing else. But, I admit, I came home and started looking up recipes for bourbon pecan pies, because, after all, everything is […]

Whoops-where’s the recipe?

November 23, 2011


Still in my head. These are a few dishes I made, meant to document, or maybe did, but all you get is the pictures. I hope they inspire you to make your own fun messes which turn into delicious (unforgettable) but undocumented masterpieces.

Winner: Greenmarket Apple Pie Contest

November 13, 2011


Today I was lucky enough to be voted the winner of the Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket Apple Pie Contest~ Now that your mouth is watering, making this yourself is easy as pie. (I had to say it). Crust: 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour, plus extra for rolling 3/4 cup whole wheat flour–gives it a nice […]

Move Aside Martha: Butternut Squash Lasagna with Sausage

November 12, 2011


Martha Stewart’s fall twist on a classic has been part of my repertoire for a few years now, thanks to a friend. But it was always missing something. Meat. So this version includes a nice hearty Italian sausage, sure to bring your calorie count to close to absurd once you’ve tucked in and had a […]

Apple Butter

November 1, 2011


Fall is not over.  And my slow cooker is more permanently on the counter; so today, as we strolled through the farmers market admiring the morning sun streaming onto the piles of fresh apples, and holding a loaf of fresh peasant bread in hand, I decided that it was time to make some apple butter. […]