Easter Foods and Photos…Updated

Posted on April 9, 2012


We’re still in recovery mode over here. I think we went to the grocery store (well, 3 of them, and fresh direct) 10 times since Thursday…Rachael and I made a fierce mess together, then valiantly fought of the ant infestation together (I can’t talk about that here–just know that it’s not fun), and now our counters and table are piled high with Easter sweet bread, tarts, middle-eastern date pastries, and chocolate covered pretzels (Emma’s project-yes-there are some good photos).

We spent the day in true Brooklyn holiday lounging style, with Church, brunch at ICI, wine, egg hunts, and snacks with friends, and then the late afternoon at Fort Greene park, playing on the playground and dying Easter eggs in the grass. Hooray for good friends who are more like family, and for wonderful April weather.

Here are some photos. If there is demand for the incredible Easter sweetbread recipe, I’ll share. It was a true joy to watch it being made over the course of several days starting Friday morning…And we’re still noshing on it.

We also made Pascha, which is a great recipe I remember from growing up, very traditional Easter dish, especially for eastern church rites. We serve it with blueberries and honey for absolute heaven on toast (sweetbread toast, that is).

And Emma threw her weight into the ring by making chocolate covered pretzels. That is to say, I botched them horribly and then she still managed to enjoy tossing sprinkles on them while the other two adults in the house shook their heads at me. I basically was trying to finish my date pastries at the same time, so I left the chocolate neglected on the stove, cooking, and added probably too much heavy cream because I love cream, and figured why not. Next thing you know, I’m dealing with chocolate that tastes/smells cooked (rather than melted!) and am microwaving it to make it liquid which then turned into rubber while I desperately threw pretzels into it and out onto a baking tray. Joy.

These other pics are a random assortment of the other foods that were happening around here.

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