Collection: Recent eclectic photos and stories

Posted on April 19, 2012


Let’s start with the good and proceed to the bad and the ugly from there…

French Press it!
Boy did I miss coffee when I gave it up for the Lenten fast. Now I'm having two cups a day and crashing regularly...not sure it's better, but I'm telling myself it is 😉

Green Smoothie--coconut milk, banana, avocado--delicious!

Pomegranates--Favorite food and first four syllable word from my little sous chef...

Ok, here comes the ugly; namely, the reason that I both learned my smoke alarm has been disabled, and why I first attended the PH playgroup (I needed to get out of the house to breath some fresh air for an hour or so)…Yokes.

This is up there with the whoopiest of yummys--minus the yummy part because it's burned easter bread (yes, you saw it in all it's glory a few posts back)...