Summer Grillin’

Posted on July 3, 2012


I have a longing for grilled food that is excessively heightened by the fact that we do not have our own grill, nor do we really have access to one…short of lodging one in the corner of the fire escape (illegal) I’m stuck. I always laugh when I see folk dragging bbqs across the road into Prospect Park. I know that they must store it in some dusty basement of an apt building for the two or three times a year when they can become king of the grill for a day.

Well, until we break down and do that, we’re just going to plan vacations (and wine-tasting menus) around other people’s grills.

Green, Pale yellow, Ivory, and ready for the grill!

Making do & gettin’ it done.

Done. Bring out the fancy salts.

(Love the blackened peppers!)