The Green Fair

Posted on July 10, 2012


Washington, CT, July 7, 2012

What a blast we had.

This is Emma enjoying herself at the Fair. With company…

But before that, we had a fun evening involving trimming shortbread cookies that decided to take on shapes not in keeping with their creator’s intent. We got through that.

We also made muffins. Millions of muffins. Well, no, just 90. But somewhere in the process, and believe you me, I had lots of help 🙂 (E&S!) I wiped a sweaty brow with a dish towel and reminded myself out loud–
“This is why you may not want to actually be a baker for a living…”

The same sentiment had come out when I was deep into my third batch of cupcakes for my friend Emily’s wedding a while back.

Some things are better kept as hobbies. And in small amounts. This is my ADD nature coming through…I start to get really sick of looking at or tasting the same foods.

So, with full disclosure, this was a blast of a project, and one that was wonderful for me in many ways. It made me grateful for the ability to cook, and to enjoy it, and to have it as a hobby for a very willing audience. Just a hobby.

(and yes, muffins are certainly my weakness if you notice from their frequency on this blog–they are somewhere between “real food” and “dessert” and hence I dote on them, and maybe serve them to my family instead of bread sometimes…)

We dubbed these muffins “Blueberry Sunrise Surprise”. They had coconut, oats, one big blueberry each–tucked into the center–and were deemed a huge success.