This ain’t no Snapper…

Posted on July 14, 2012


ImageThis is a recipe for a quick and easy fish dish. I know, it’s hard to believe I cook anything that doesn’t start with “M” and end in “uffin”…This post is part of proving that to you, and because it involves one of my favorite “secret ingredients”–pomegranates. They have been creeping into alot of things I make these days. That, and corn.

You were warned.

The fish are from Fairway. The munchkin and I have been having lots of adventures while someone else works, and one of the recent ones was an evening jaunt to get stocked up on what Fairway does best—Coffee, obviously, cheese, yes, oil would be a close third, and then, fresh fish. It looked amazing to me as I walked by. Fish rarely calls to me in it’s raw form. Unless I’m in a weird sushi kick. (I’ll have to post the sushi recipes from our evenings with S&A!)


2 filets Tilapia or other inexpensive fish

Butter in the pan

Juice from half a lemon

Handful of fresh dill, sprinkled over the fish while cooking, both sides.

Small handful of pomegranates, for garnish after fish has cooked.

Saute with the above for 5-10 minutes, until desired brown and falling apart a bit.

Serve with a crisp white wine.