And we’re back…

Posted on November 24, 2012


After a hiatus from this place where so much fun has been had, spatula and camera in hand…

I’m back! 

Lots to share with you in the way of news and updates–you’ll get it piecemeal in the next series of posts (And there are alot of lovely flashbacks to share what we’ve been up to this fall).

Most importantly—tomorrow–an extravaganza that can only happen when Jams Maggie herself, Pat of “Pat’s pitz” fame, and yours truly showing up with the croissants–get together for some late fall festive jamming, baking, roasting and feasting!

Prepare yourselves. It’s going to be epic. A great way to get ourselves back into the swing of things…

Just in time for holiday baking and cooking.

Yums. Grateful for so much. Grateful for the opportunity to share my goings on with you–and for your love and feedback. 

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