A Family Thanksgiving–in pictures

Posted on November 27, 2012


So in the middle of the day–in the midst of our food prepping labors–we found ourselves to be hungry. I whipped up this salad as a birthday lunch treat for my mom and we all benefited from the fresh and joyous burst of flavors and energy producing ingredients. Those little balls that look slightly like marshmallows are actually hunks of mozzarella–whoopspicture. Mozzarella and Feta work well together–we learned. And our tummies were still oh-so-ready for the 5;30 feast, when it came…

…After a good round of family soccer in the cool air, and a few well-earned naps.

I’d like to mention too that because of my incredible family full of tenacious, adventurous, culinary folk–I hardly did anything to help with this feast. I distinctly remember sleeping on a nearby couch while the pie crusts were being rolled out and filled with apples and other goodies. Literally everyone in the household pitched in to make a dish–from GF stuffing, to sauerkraut -mostly old and a few new favorites (the cranberry relish was a wonderful low sugar option). The big new addition was sweet potato casserole with brown sugar and marshmallows–requested by my southern husband. And when a few others seconded it, even as my mom declared she doesn’t like ’em and has thus never made it–we decided to be expansive and welcome it into the fold…

Couldn’t resist a few table decor photos.

Why is this a featured pic? Is it perhaps the flowers? Or more likely, the butter…so central to Ryland feasting…

Finally, a few shots from our “civilized s’mores” as I called them.

A lovely way to celebrate afternoons by a blazing fire.


So much to be thankful for. This past few months has made me so keenly aware of that. A Faith that anchors, and family that loves us, first and foremost. Secondly–such good people that we are blessed to know and call friends. And then, amazing opportunities to live, work, play and be–in Brooklyn currently, and who knows where in the near future. I have such confidence that it will be blessed. A deeper awareness that the little things–viewed with a grateful heart–make all the difference.

My mom commented when we were together how much she loved the peacefulness and joyful togetherness of the holiday–“This is the one day of the year when no one expects to be anywhere else but at home, with their families.” So true.

What did you love about your Thanksgiving this year?