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Pizza and Croissants and Jams–Oh My!

December 30, 2012


What an epic food adventure this was. It started with croissants… This is the recipe I used last year, with great success. Only this time, I was hell bent on using whole wheat pastry flour… I don’t want to go into too many details about the disasters of the milk/yeast attempts, but I started over […]

So I finally made the yorkshire pudding

December 28, 2012


Considering that I adore this Christmas dish, and every part of my (English?) heritage* drools after it as soon as the Christmas breakfast coma has worn off…It’s interesting that I have probably made it only once in my life. There are always a handful of eager and talented Ryland cooks ready to jump in and […]

Toddler Cookie Decorating Party

December 23, 2012


Yes, we bravely took on this challenge and it went well! My creative mom friends made it so fun, and even when the kids lost interest and started coloring and tearing up the apt, in turns, we sat around the table and enjoyed each other and our decorating pursuits for a few minutes longer. Recipes: […]

Guest Post! Katie’s Healthy Cookies

December 18, 2012


*Editors note: Katie is a dear friend with a talent for baking. As in, the person who makes the family thanksgiving pumpkin cheesecake that everyone dies for. This year, she took her annual holiday decorating party, and put a healthy spin on it. Everybody wins. Even the guys who ate more cookies than they decorated…you […]

Fall Flashbacks: Summer Squash meets Fall Textures

December 18, 2012


Fall Flashbacks: I’ve promised to work on sharing some recipes and fun photos from the months when I was missing in action… Here’s a start. Perfect for this time of year too, with a holiday tea, or cup of fresh coffee–at any time of the day–or night, in my case–as the to-do lists pile high […]