A smoothee for the new year

Posted on January 15, 2013


Or two…

Well, here it is, half way through January of 2013. Incredible. I’m beginning to get the year right when I write it…

Don’t know about you, but my resolutions, however irresolute I might already feel, involve having the healthiest, happiest year possible.

To that end, I decided that my first post of the new year should be sharing some of my new found habits of healthy snacking.

Snacking is, for me, very necessary–because (drum roll) there is a “bun in the oven”, to use the age old baking analogy! I’m working hard to get up to 75 grams of protein a day, to aid with said bun development…

And smoothees are awesome for anyone in need of a quick meal, energy boost or even a way to make sure you’re getting good servings of  fruits/veggies fast.


Here are two recipes I use alot. The protein powder is from a company I love and trust–Shaklee (whey protein). 24 grams in one serving–can’t beat that! I usually drink my smoothees around 5pm; that time of day when I’m starting to get really hungry (and am possibly already in the kitchen). I love the energy boost, and it helps curb my appetite so dinner is less about hunger and more about taste and sufficiency.


Smoothee 1: Pina Colada

*Frozen or fresh mango
*Chia seeds (yes, I just started experimenting with them. I was inspired by this…and other readings…welcome your thoughts in the comments section).
*Coconut milk (1/2 can or full can depending on how much you love it…)–it’s very good for you.
*Orange juice (optional)
*Ice, optional… if mangoes are frozen you don’t need

Do it again the next day.


Smoothee 2: Mixed Berry

This is boring and yet awesome–based on the concept that berries of all kinds are amazing, and go well together.

Blueberries  (fresh or frozen)

Strawberries (fresh or frozen)


Milk–Regular, or almond

Chia seeds–optional

Protein powder


DSC_0015I need something simple that I can keep coming back to again and again–a winning taste without alot of hassle. I’m still experimenting with green smoothees—that will be another post soon. Loving all the ideas flying at me from my healthy friends around the globe…

Meanwhile, Happy new year, looking forward to quite a few adventures in my kitchen; made more fun by your laughter (at me, with me, whatever…) and general support. I’m grateful for it. Messes are more fun with an audience. (I learned this from my toddler).

Here’s to your health (lifts a smoothee glass).

Smoothie or Smoothee? (sorry, had to ask)

The next post will have alot more calories…and be what I like to call a succulent winter feast perfect for that crowd you are thinking about having over next weekend. Stay tuned.

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