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Valentines-part 2

February 23, 2013


Emma loves pink icecream. It’s actually a flavor in her world. “What kind of icecream do you want, honey?” “Pink.” Ok, well there are a few pinks–there is strawberry cheesecake, raspberry. So which one.” “That pink one”–pointing to a far above shelf that I then have to scramble to reach… Yesterday, we made our own […]


February 15, 2013


On this, the day when love is celebrated the world ’round…I wanted to share with you some fun recipes that we did to mark this as special in our household (and shared with schools, office, friends:)). First, I want to note that if FOOD could be considered the 6th love language, it would be mine. […]

D is for Detox

February 1, 2013


I just went through a wonderful whole foods 12 day detox. Yep, after the holidays I knew I could use a little help…I was eating and craving the stuff I knew wasn’t good for me and babe–so time to reset and bring back the good habits–and hopefully even build on them towards better habits:) I […]