Valentines-part 2

Posted on February 23, 2013


Emma loves pink icecream. It’s actually a flavor in her world. “What kind of icecream do you want, honey?” “Pink.” Ok, well there are a few pinks–there is strawberry cheesecake, raspberry. So which one.” “That pink one”–pointing to a far above shelf that I then have to scramble to reach…

Yesterday, we made our own pink icecream, ingeniously, using valentines treats leftovers. Another part of the “Waste not, want not” campaign. Yes, I’m applying this to desserts as well as to food:)

I’d love to say it was from scratch, but sometimes busy mom’s gotta admit their limitations in the area of time (but not creativity!). So here it is:

Vanilla icecream (the highest quality you’re willing to pay for!)–softened.

Red velvet cookie crumbs. See this recipe to understand why you’ll have a number of red remnants around…

Fresh strawberries–1 qt give or take—chopped very small.



Try not to be alarmed at how much red food dye the cookies give off–it becomes very “pink” very quickly.

Which was quite alright with the sous-chef.

I know I couldn’t have gotten this flavor in a store:) Let me know what you think!

DSC_0015 (2)

PS: This is alot of posts about dessert for lent–gotta get back on the straight and narrow with my next few posts–roasted veggies, nutrient dense soups, etc!

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