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Fasting and Feasting

March 30, 2013


Holy week is always a wonderful time for clearing the heart (and body) thanks to lenten fasting…since this blog is about food I’ll be focusing on that particular element of the week we just finished… This year, in my journey into cleaner eating (that began approximately 9 months ago) and the regular detoxes that have […]

The last winter soup…

March 26, 2013


Yes, I know that a calendar is telling us it’s spring. Yes, we’re all ready for warmth. But forgive me for admitting that for some of us, it doesn’t feel like spring yet…and in the meantime, I want to savor winter flavors just a bit longer by sharing this recipe with you. This soup has […]

Sweet Potato Snacks

March 24, 2013


Looking for a quick and healthy snack as we transition from cold winter to warmer spring days? Look no further than the king of the root veggies–in my humble opinion–the sweet potato. This is the quickest snack if you have an oven and a knife–basically–so I won’t make a long post about it. I make […]

Kale is for Kool Kids

March 12, 2013


Yes.The Kale Craze. I admit I jumped on the bandwagon a bit after it had reached some fever-pitched hyping–(but appropriately so, say many trusted sources). But I’m not about to let this be just another health food fad…more on my concerns with those later… Our first summer of CSA we received dino kale a few […]

Champagne Chicken. Or “Waste not, want not”

March 3, 2013


I know the title is a bit incongruous. Ha. Well, I’m really in a phase of trying to use well all the foods we have around—it helps me push the creativity envelope (this could be a good example of that) and also is in keeping with how we’re trying to live–simply and joyfully. Strict(ish) grocery […]

Spinach Pie a year later–“Spanakopita”

March 2, 2013


A quote from the current family movie obsession—when Ezma is about to kill Kronk– “I never liked your spinach puffs. Never.” About a year ago, when I blessedly found myself with more free time and mental space, I made spanakopita. This time around I somewhat accidentally found myself looking at a box of phyllo dough, […]