Sweet Potato Snacks

Posted on March 24, 2013


Looking for a quick and healthy snack as we transition from cold winter to warmer spring days? Look no further than the king of the root veggies–in my humble opinion–the sweet potato.
This is the quickest snack if you have an oven and a knife–basically–so I won’t make a long post about it.
I make it on afternoons after school–especially when I’m doing little-to-no sugar days (my regular “detox” moments when I’ve been having too much refined sugars) and they are a beautifully round, sweet and wholesome taste.

2-3 sweet potatoes, sliced (leave skins on)
olive oil
touch of raw or brown sugar

Heat oven to 425–my optimal roasting temp.
Once potatoes are sliced, toss lightly in oil, sprinkle with salt, pepper and sugar, and roast for about 15 min, or until a lovely wrinkled roasted (and feel free to flip if you are feeling “hands on”). Skins can be peeled off for kids consumption (or picky adults), but remember that skins contain alot of the nutrients so think twice…

These go great with roasted kale to balance rich/bitter tastes with soft/warm/sweet.

Also can be incorporated into everything from quiches to pizzas.

Happy snacking!