Fasting and Feasting

Posted on March 30, 2013


Holy week is always a wonderful time for clearing the heart (and body) thanks to lenten fasting…since this blog is about food I’ll be focusing on that particular element of the week we just finished…

This year, in my journey into cleaner eating (that began approximately 9 months ago) and the regular detoxes that have accompanied that, I’ve actually found that it made Lenten fasting easier on myself. Gone are the refined sugar cravings. Coffee, I can do without—especially thanks to learning about how to get energy from food and supplement sources (well, and pregnancy helped with that one a few months back too)…so this holy week was about more of an internal purifying of cravings…and noticing cravings of other kinds. Fasting from things like media…which was amazing—no email or facebook or anything (well, I think I did respond to a text) for 48 hrs. I also found myself consciously giving up cooking time, knowing how attached I am to spending time in food prep–and I went and did puzzles with my toddler instead….these little things–juxtaposing awareness of where we are and what we love, which are all goods in themselves (cooking, coffee, etc)…with a willingness to let go of them, detach, look at the bigger picture, and find other things to give our hearts too (like loving our families better!) are at the heart of Catholic fasting, and why I’m so grateful for it.

This week I made a simple lenten soup (lentil—get it)…roughly the same as the one found on this blog. It lasted us all week as basic sustenance, and then of course, we had fish and roasted veggies…but wait, I love fish and veggies–no hardship there…and rice/beans etc:) It was nice to realize that I’m truly at a different point eating wise when the normal shock of a meatless week does not occur–because I’m getting so many other protein sources now through what I’ve learned:)

With that said, fasting does give way to feasting, in a big way at Easter (even when I try to contain myself because I’m going to Paris in 6 days and need to be focusing on other things…)…so here’s the lineup of what I’m working on today…and of course, not to be missed, the Maricich top secret Easter sweet bread recipe. The feast is that much bigger when we’ve been without these foods (Joel without his meat!) for a number of days…and reminds us an important life fact–if you have champagne everyday you start to lose appreciation for it. Etc etc.

*Eggplant and goat cheese crostini

*Baklava (yes, I’m braving a recipe adaptation again after much success last year…)

*Bacon wrapped dates. No explanation needed.

*Gruyere/ham/caramelized onion puff pastries–a blast from the past one of my first fav do-it-at-home french treats.

*Brussel sprouts with pancetta and sun dried tomatoes

The Easter recipes will be posted Monday and throughout when I’m gone…interrupted by blasts of pic updates from foodie adventures in Paris…woohoo! So much to celebrate around here.

And I’d love to hear your thoughts about what fasting and feasting mean for you.


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