What to do with Radishes?

Posted on May 30, 2013


It’s time to talk seasonal. I’m still a bit sad that we’re not doing a CSA this year–a decision prudently made accounting for the factors of brand new baby coming in peak season, and the plans to travel alot (which means we waste the food if we don’t find friends to take it off our hands…)…
So instead, it’s off to the weekly farmers market we go–and it works out that the Sunday market is next to a favorite playground…
I was drooling over fresh greens but then realized that the star of the “fresh”show was the radishes. I had in my mind that Joel loves them (he likes them OK but not more than that)…and I grabbed a huge bunch. I wanted a salad or cold dish that incorporated them in an interesting way.

This brought me back to Tastespotting, after many months apart (I knew my life was not complete)…It’s like an anthology of food…except anthologies are more limited in scope…

Whenever there is a food that I don’t know quite what to do with (especially veggies)–this is where I start…

These are the radishes results:


Ah. May. Zing.

Now they occasionally have pictures of cars etc thrown in there to confuse (I mean, they are ads. Ha–everyone has to be crassly commercial at some point–though I did know about tastespotting before it had succumbed…)

Anyway, after several days of drooling over all of these (flatbread w ricotta and honey, or roasted, oh, so many choices…)

and not deciding on a recipe, my radishes finally began to need to be consumed immediately, and I made this hasty salad for a family dinner (yep, one dish, 3 forks).


Greens of any sort

Radishes sliced thinly

Carrots also sounded good

A bit of feta or other cheese of choice

Dressing of choice…try this avocado buttermilk dressing if you’re feeling adventurous!

*What do you do with radishes?*

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