My kitchen is clean

Posted on June 8, 2013


Really clean. From the way we’ve been living recently this is all too truly rare.
Just ask our patient roommate.
I feel this overwhelming need to take photos. To bask in it. I’m wondering whether I really want to cook dinner or if I should just leave it like this for a while.
Meanwhile, the kitchen table is developing it’s own set of messes, but I can leave that aside and adore my counters, remembering all over again the love-at-first-sight when this brooklyn gal walked in and saw a gloriously spacious new york kitchen.

Tomorrow will bring with it wonderful, productive messes, and I’ll be happily using my kitchen again–spreading chard and squash for roasting, baking projects–hopefully involving rhubarb–etc across the counters. But I do need to stop and be grateful now. And commit to seeing it like this more often…

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