It’s Time to Enjoy Summer in Brooklyn–30 days of food lovin’

Posted on August 7, 2013


It’s time. We’re back from our out-of-state adventures, we have our newest addition in tow and boy is she cute (read: I can’t cook now to save my life, unless it’s at 11pm…when I’ve been roasting beets and tonight, tossed a few brussel sprouts into some bacon grease to then serve with pecorino–yum…)
I hope I haven’t lost my touch completely, but we are needing to embrace this current phase of life…
A lot of smoothies (yay, new fancy blender) and salads.
And of course, the opportunity to take my two little taste testers and go out and enjoy the places I’m surrounded by that I know I often take for granted. Hopefully my 3rd taster can be along for some of them…

Join me on a 30 day foodie tour of Brooklyn. It will mostly center around cafes (momma needs coffee!) and quick fun eats–for budget purposes as well–but the criteria will be places we haven’t tried before and have been wanting to go check out.

Instagram and I will document, and hopefully you’ll enjoy these little snippets of our current life. We’re out soaking in the sun and letting other people do the slaving in the kitchen for the moment.

Stay tuned for a lovely guest post as well this week, and then my other favorite healthy snack these days—food processor only–no oven required. Guess I’m really in summer mode over here.

I welcome suggestions, comments and your thoughts as we go for our Brooklyn foodie adventures. If you live near, you better invite yourself along!

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