Blue sky bakery–day 1 of 30 day Brooklyn food adventures

Posted on August 9, 2013


Well, bear with me as I get the hang of this app, this posting on the go thing, and this whole juggling of two companions on my August adventures.

For background, my husband and I always talk about how if we ever leave Brooklyn we will surely miss the amazing food culture. And I see myself getting into ruts with our favorite places (yes, they are amazing) so I want to seize this shift in our schedule to continue exploring, to put a few hard-earned dollars to work enjoying the here and now in our neighborhood; and making these memories with my girls.

Our first stop–after Mass yesterday–was to a bakery that our friends introduced us to a few weeks back but i didn’t eat there…I remembered they make their own pastries…and Emma loves her croissants…so off we went.

I have to say they were ok but lacked something…I think butter honestly…seemed to be made w shortening…dare I call myself a croissant snob after Paris this year? Emma does.

The coffee was lovely and the setting perfect for our pace.




Did you notice my use of the word yesterday? I’m already behind in this endeavor. You may see catch up posts certain days–just smile and laugh at–and with— me:)