Day 2 of Brooklyn foodventures

Posted on August 14, 2013


Day 2 began with a bit of a misadventure. We went to Pulp and Bean on franklin for bagels and Coffee w dad…an appropriate Friday activity, and to see a wonderful friend briefly. But the ladies didnt want to be dragged out of the house at that early hour (before 9!) so we had to cut short when crankiness began.

Their iced lattes are to die for, and the bagel selection is wonderful. It’s a wonderful Brooklyn staple…(and not new to me–I would go there from the office from time to time). But that wasn’t the end of our adventures…

Later that day we were coming out of the park looking for a cool snack, and grabbed yogurt at yogurt land and shopped for cheese at the valley shepherd…but my phone was dead so no photos were taken…whoops;)
It can only get better from here–and it does!