Brooklyn foodventures day 3

Posted on September 1, 2013


Benny’s delice was an absolute treat and confirmed for me exactly why we are embracing this exploration of more local eats. We walked down Vanderbilt to meet up w some friends…passing 5 fantastic local coffee shops and breakfast nooks–all boasting their own charming twists…and yet we journeyed on…looking for something new and possibly a gem. We found it.

Benny’s delice is just far enough that even though I had noted its arrival I wasn’t thinking of it in the normal routines (ruts) we get into…starting w b and ending with agel for example…

The inside of the shop had a neat rustic feel yet clean lines, very Brooklyn is all I can say, but is that a valuable descriptor? It brought me back immediately to Paris!! They make not only their own croissants and breakfast rolls, but lunch pastries, macaroons, fruit tarts etc. Emma and I were both very excited as we grabbed our almond and regular croissants and headed out to enjoy. I sunk my teeth and wished Joel was with me…this almond croissant was spectacular.

Editors note, just because I can…when we went back a week later the batch of almond croissants was not as good…cest la vie as someone once said.