umPumpkin Season! Smoothees and Seeds

Posted on October 16, 2014


It’s that time of year. I want to share a wonderful smoothee recipe that some of my clients and friends have already been loving. PS the title has a typo from my little cutie and I liked it/left it.

(Side note–I just remembered why I only write blog posts at crack of dawn or late at night–major distractions going on here and a buddy sitting on my keyboard some of the time) #lifeofcorinne #realtalk #whoops #stillyummykeepreading

Pumpkin Smoothee Recipe

1 cup coconut milk or almond milk
2 scoops Vanilla or Chco 180 or mix 1 of each (I use my trusted brand, Shaklee 180, for daily energy and fat-blasting effect–yep, the perfect thing for busy moms, dads, and anyone else)
3/4 cup organic canned pumpkin
half a frozen banana, sliced
I used a fresh sliced pear for a nice fall effect
handful of chia seeds
dash of cinnamon
dash of nutmeg
dash of pumpkin pie spice (optional)



Pumpkin seeds:

High in magnesium and zinc—and wonderfully alkaline–I encourage you to check these snacks out at your earliest opportunity. I’ve been a big believe in the alkaline spectrum as a great starting point when facing the crisis question—paleo? vegan? diet? well–start with eating for health, and preventing disease! We do this by helping our bodies be less acidic (standard foods, coffee, sugar, etc all causes this), and then from there, we experiment until you’ve found the right way to eat for your body–there is not one size fits all. #nutritionmyths

I mix mine with craisins, dark chocolate chunks and walnuts for a delicious fall trail mix.

Roasted with a bit of coconut sugar and cinnamon is also delicious.


So, I wanted to share more about the other project that’s keeping me busy (along with starting a school–yes, I do like to be busy and such beautiful opportunities–I’ve never felt so alive and blessed to be doing this crazy amazing juggle of mom, mompreuner and biz owner, and board member of an amazing school community that will truly change lives.

Coming out of my work with Shaklee creating amazing pre and post natal nutrition/supplementation programs (and I’m living proof after overcoming gestational diabetes!), and with my health coaching certificate provisionally granted, we’re using to continue spread the love to mommas everywhere!!! We’re doing this with formal health/nutrition programs for those who are looking for that during the stages of pre-conception, pregnancy, and post-partum, and then a larger community–both live through events, and online—that will truly nourish and enrich all moms on their journeys. There are some amazing women working on this with me–it’s thrilling and I can’t wait to share more and introduce them.

I know that for me, two critical elements of my own balanced, joyful (some days crazy, but never exhausting or lonely):)) motherhood has been the ability to learn to care for myself–the source of life for my children during pregnancy and the first years, and how this then shapes how my kids and I are together, and how the whole family dynamic goes. When we actually seek our own place in the universe, and find what it is that we’re meant to be doing, amazing things happen and transformation occurs. I love witnessing this in other moms–we’re shedding the layers of expectations and pretending we’re perfect, and we’re joining together to find common needs, loves, laughs, struggles that only other moms understand, and holding ourselves to a new balance.

The other piece is building true community and sharing the joy, crazy uniqueness, challenges of the journey, with other moms and women.

I hope you’ll stay in touch, check out the site, share with anyone you know who may be looking for this, and we’ll be in touch via social media as the website continues to launch with blog and content!

I’m grateful this blog will remain my personal journey with my kids in our fun kitchen adventures. Yes, the recipes are more healthy than not these days (it’s fun to see the evolution of this blog from where we started) but they will always be whimsical, fun, adventurous, and children will be featured, since cooking and enjoying food is so central to our being human, and it’s something I want to teach my children to really relish–whole foods cooking brings gratitude like nothing else. More on that when I post about our time spent on the farm with my brother in the Northwest. And Emma chopping lessons shared—yes, lots to look forward to!

Thanks so much for all the support–I am always amazed and humbled when I get feedback and hear how much you all appreciate and love this work, that I too have come to love so much, and that you’re taking this journey with me and my family.