Hi, I’m Maddy–a Brooklyn based Mother of 2, loving healthy living, conscious, whole foods cooking and eating, receiving health coach certification through the Institute for Integrative nutrition, and creating healthier lives through Thrive Now Network (www.youthrivenow.com) and Shaklee (business leader). I also have a project I’m working on for thriving moms–will be announced here soon when it launches!

Love sharing the simple, healthy eating that we are doing around here–I also love traveling and being everywhere at once–so many posts may just be about eating/food musing. My journey to healthier living is also documented here… the inspiration for the blog came when I started receiving CSA veggies and expanded my veggie-based cooking—You’ll see that I almost always opt for GF/Vegan/alternate sweeteners now and am striving after that balance of yummy and highly nutritious. I have my own story about sugar and gut health and gestational diabetes that I won’t share all here—but let me tell you that cleansing, using high quality supplementation, my own research and becoming a nutrition nerd (before joining a formal certification program) has literally changed my life, my health, my energy levels. I’m so grateful and I love to have this, and other venues, to share that gift and joy of conscious, healthy nourishment with everyone I meet.


Thank you for visiting! Drop a note and let me know more about you:)


My family.



Yes. Even my munchkin agrees that everything in life is better with coffee.


Emma at 1.5 yrs…


Corinne my younger, at 10.5 months

Corinne my younger, at 10.5 months–see the coffee pattern;)


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  1. I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. To receive your reward, check out this link http://cookingforthechemicallysensitive.wordpress.com/2013/02/27/liebster-blog-award.


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