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Crazy Delicious Raw Cacoa Protein Balls–and catching up!

March 14, 2014


Dear loyal fan base– It has been a long time since I posted. I owe you an explanation. I took a break from the blog while continuing on my own healthy eating/living after baby #2 this summer, and summer adventures with food. There are many backlogged posts to be shared, for sure, but what was […]

My kitchen is clean

June 8, 2013


Really clean. From the way we’ve been living recently this is all too truly rare. Just ask our patient roommate. I feel this overwhelming need to take photos. To bask in it. I’m wondering whether I really want to cook dinner or if I should just leave it like this for a while. Meanwhile, the […]

What to do with Radishes?

May 30, 2013


It’s time to talk seasonal. I’m still a bit sad that we’re not doing a CSA this year–a decision prudently made accounting for the factors of brand new baby coming in peak season, and the plans to travel alot (which means we waste the food if we don’t find friends to take it off our […]

4 years

May 24, 2013


I realized today when I was in the midst of this epic recipe (epic because of my life, not because it’s inherently difficult…) a few things. I realized that I love cooking, as a way of marking out the time and place, of making something special, sacred if you will…remembered. I understood that recently I’ve […]

Coffee in Paris

May 11, 2013


As I write the title of this blog, I am both overcome with a longing for Paris, as well as the striking realization of how amazing and stunning the phrase even is…the fact that I get to follow it with a bunch of photos and memories from a month ago is truly humbling. Ah life, […]

Fasting and Feasting

March 30, 2013


Holy week is always a wonderful time for clearing the heart (and body) thanks to lenten fasting…since this blog is about food I’ll be focusing on that particular element of the week we just finished… This year, in my journey into cleaner eating (that began approximately 9 months ago) and the regular detoxes that have […]

The Green Fair

July 10, 2012


Washington, CT, July 7, 2012 What a blast we had. This is Emma enjoying herself at the Fair. With company… But before that, we had a fun evening involving trimming shortbread cookies that decided to take on shapes not in keeping with their creator’s intent. We got through that. We also made muffins. Millions of […]

Easter Foods and Photos…Updated

April 9, 2012


We’re still in recovery mode over here. I think we went to the grocery store (well, 3 of them, and fresh direct) 10 times since Thursday…Rachael and I made a fierce mess together, then valiantly fought of the ant infestation together (I can’t talk about that here–just know that it’s not fun), and now our […]

Purple Basil

July 20, 2011


Such a wonderfully mellow counterpart to it’s green cousin. This year is the first time I’ve had purple basil readily at my disposal thanks to a starter plant from Windflower Farm. I’ve used it in the following: *Eggplant Parmesan (needed to double the amount used due to aforementioned mellow-ness) *Garlic Scape Pesto (definitely my favorite […]

Putting the Whoops into Yummy

July 5, 2011


Anyone who knows me and knows how I cook can attest to this fact: For every “Yummy” there’s likely one or maybe three “Whoops” involved. There are any number of reasons for this that come together to form the distracted, enthusiastic cook you see before you. 1) Enthusiasm. 2) Multi-tasking kicked up the the highest […]