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Flashback: Banana Muffins for my 1 yr old lady!

October 8, 2014


Preface to this post. This has been quite a hectic summer. It’s quite lovely now to be laying here on our new couch in our new place, hearing the rain tapping restlessly even as I rest and considering mainly whether I should go and make some more of these muffins. The posting of the recipe […]

Fourth of July Cherry-Blueberry-Almond Cake (#almostvegan)

July 4, 2014


Blueberry Cherry Almond Cake Original recipe is vegan, mine is “#almostvegan” (see notes below) Makes one 9″ round cake It’s a rainy 4th of July afternoon here in NYC, so Emma and I tucked the almost-birthday girl down for a nap, and quickly started our “me and you time” as she calls it, with focused […]

Easter Brussel Sprouts

April 20, 2013


Paris food posts coming soon! I’m still dreaming in cafe au laits, croissants, and escargot (in that order). But meanwhile, there are a few recipes from earlier this month that I can’t bypass… This Brussel sprouts recipe is pretty neatly adapted from Food and Wine, one of my favorite sources of regular inspiration (and at […]

Champagne Chicken. Or “Waste not, want not”

March 3, 2013


I know the title is a bit incongruous. Ha. Well, I’m really in a phase of trying to use well all the foods we have around—it helps me push the creativity envelope (this could be a good example of that) and also is in keeping with how we’re trying to live–simply and joyfully. Strict(ish) grocery […]

Moroccan Lamb Stew

January 21, 2013


It’s time for a hearty wintertime dish–such as you might enjoy with family and friends on a cold Sunday evening in New York…with wine flowing apace with the chatter. Lamb, being one of the most nutritious forms of meat out there, as well as easy for little tummies to digest, has had some attention on […]