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What to do with Radishes?

May 30, 2013


It’s time to talk seasonal. I’m still a bit sad that we’re not doing a CSA this year–a decision prudently made accounting for the factors of brand new baby coming in peak season, and the plans to travel alot (which means we waste the food if we don’t find friends to take it off our […]

Sweet Potato Snacks

March 24, 2013


Looking for a quick and healthy snack as we transition from cold winter to warmer spring days? Look no further than the king of the root veggies–in my humble opinion–the sweet potato. This is the quickest snack if you have an oven and a knife–basically–so I won’t make a long post about it. I make […]

D is for Detox

February 1, 2013


I just went through a wonderful whole foods 12 day detox. Yep, after the holidays I knew I could use a little help…I was eating and craving the stuff I knew wasn’t good for me and babe–so time to reset and bring back the good habits–and hopefully even build on them towards better habits:) I […]

A smoothee for the new year

January 15, 2013


Or two… Well, here it is, half way through January of 2013. Incredible. I’m beginning to get the year right when I write it… Don’t know about you, but my resolutions, however irresolute I might already feel, involve having the healthiest, happiest year possible. To that end, I decided that my first post of the […]

So I finally made the yorkshire pudding

December 28, 2012


Considering that I adore this Christmas dish, and every part of my (English?) heritage* drools after it as soon as the Christmas breakfast coma has worn off…It’s interesting that I have probably made it only once in my life. There are always a handful of eager and talented Ryland cooks ready to jump in and […]

Fall Flashbacks: Summer Squash meets Fall Textures

December 18, 2012


Fall Flashbacks: I’ve promised to work on sharing some recipes and fun photos from the months when I was missing in action… Here’s a start. Perfect for this time of year too, with a holiday tea, or cup of fresh coffee–at any time of the day–or night, in my case–as the to-do lists pile high […]

Summer Grillin’

July 3, 2012


I have a longing for grilled food that is excessively heightened by the fact that we do not have our own grill, nor do we really have access to one…short of lodging one in the corner of the fire escape (illegal) I’m stuck. I always laugh when I see folk dragging bbqs across the road […]

Roasted Veggie Pizza

November 28, 2011


I came up with this pizza one Sunday afternoon while running–do other people think about food while they run too? I was puzzling over how to use what was in the fridge (cauliflower and broccoli–two winners!). After I “pitched” the idea, my husband made these dreams into a melt-in-our-mouths reality. We liked both the white […]